Tuesday, 21 June 2011

Las Vegas Wake Up!

I'd like to remember you all that this blog is not only about fashion, it's also about art and music that sometimes are closely connected with mode.
Today I'm going to introduce you to an Italian pop rock boyband: Las Vegas Wake Up. I like them because although their Italian origins, the songs are - as the band's name clearly suggests - characterized by an international rock music style. My long-time favorite has been 
When It All Ends, a song received ecceptionally well by their public. I reccomend you also more songs as the dynamic A Song (Alternative Ending)
 , or the romantic Rosie's. But now that I know all their songs I have to say that the best one is Roleplay!

You can find Las Vegas Wake Up on facebook
reverbnation, twitter, myspace and youtube. They're everywhere except in your ipod playlist! Download for free LVWU's songs by clicking here!

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